Easy aloo bhujia recipe,how to make aloo sev namkeen
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Aloo bhujia is a snack recipe made of aloo and gram flour.
Recipe type: snacks
Cuisine: north indian
  • 2 Potatoes(boiled,pealed)
  • 1 cup Gram Flour
  • ⅛ tsp Turmeric Powder
  • hing a pinch
  • Oil - For Deep Frying
  • water(as needed)
  • salt as needed
  • chat masala as needed
  1. wash the potatoes and boil it for 3 whistles and then peel the skin.let it cool for sometime.
  2. Then cut it into 2,add it in the mixie jar and gind it with 2 tbsp of water into a smooth paste.
  3. Now heat the oil in a pan.
  4. Mean while in a mixing bowl add the garam flour ,hing,salt,turmeric powder and grinded potatoes paste mix well. add water if needed.The dough should not be tight or thin.
  5. Now drop the dough in the murukku press with omapodi achu inserted.
  6. press it over the oil and deep fry it,till light brown.
  7. Once done drain the oil and take it out.
  8. Break the sev with the hands and dash chat masala on top serve it.
I didn't use any garam masala.If you want you can add it while mixing the dough.
Chat masala gives nice flavour and taste,so don't miss to add it.
Adjust the spice according to your taste,i didnt add chilly powder if you want add little while making the dough.
make sure the potatoes must be fine paste if any residue it will pass through the mould
The dough should be fine texture so that when it is added to the achu and pressed using a sev mould it should pass through the holes without clogging it.
Recipe by Prema's Culinary at http://www.premascook.com/2015/10/aloo-bhujia-recipe-sev-namkeen.html