Original Thoothukudi Macaroon Recipe
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This Macaroons are very famous in thoothukudi and so they called thoothukudi macaroons or tuticorin macaroons.
Recipe type: Snacks
Cuisine: South Indian
Serves: 20
  • 3 egg whites
  • 100g sugar
  • 100g cashew nut ,powdered
  1. Seperate the egg white first and then powder the cashew nut in mixie.Once you have separated the egg whites, add it into the a mixing bowl and use the electric beater to beat it. Initially beat it in low speed once it started foams, beat it in high speed for 3 mins. Now slowly add the sugar little by little and beat well, wait till the you get the stiff peaks.the mixture should be thick like firm clouds and they should not slide down. Something that is in the consistency of whipped cream. This step took me around 8 minutes. Now slowly mix the powdered nuts and mix well.
  2. Once done you need to act fast and shouldnot take a rest, drop the mix into a cone or zip lock cover and start piping it. once done bake it for 55 mins to 1 hr and about 100-degree celsius. once done let it cool for 1 hr and then take it out.
Egg whites will be easy to separate when they are cold. Separating the yolk and the egg whites is very important that you do not see even a speck of yolk in the separated whites, otherwise the whole process will get flop :'( so be careful while separating the whites.
Should not add the sugar immediately, initially beat the egg once it started foaming then add little by little.
Beat till the shift peak occur.
Don't mix very hard after adding the cashew powder.
After adding the cashew powder immediately drop it into the cone and make it otherwise the you can get the perfect shape.
Recipe by Prema's Culinary at http://www.premascook.com/2015/06/thoothukudi-macaroon-recipe.html