How to grind idli batter in Ultra wet grinder
How to grind idly batter in ultra wet grinder ??? Idly batter ratio, soaking, preparing, fermentation, tips to make soft idly all in one post with video.
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: South Indian
  • 4 cup idly rice
  • 1 cup urad dal
  • 1 tsp methi seeds(vendhayam)
  • water as required.
  1. Add the dal and methi seeds together in a bowl wash and rinse it.Then fill water till the dal completely immerse.Do same for idly rice also. Soak both the dal and rice for minimum 3 hours.
  2. We are going to grind dal and rice separately.Always grind the dal first and then rice. Before start grinding drop little water(1 cup) and then add the dal inside the grinder and grind it.
  3. Add a little water(1/3 cup) while grinding, don’t add water at a time drop little by little, till it comes like light and fluffy batter.After 3-4 minutes add water(1/2 cup).Check the dal fully grinded and the batter should be fluffy.Then take out the flour in a bowl.keep aside.
  4. Wash the rice and clean.Add little water first before adding the rice to the grinder.Don’t drop the rice at a time, add little by little.
  5. Grind the rice little coarsely not nicely, add a little water if needed.Once the stage occurs transfer it to the big bowl or box.
  6. Once the batter transferred to the box, immediately wash the grinder vessel and stone and then proceed to the next step. Now, add salt and mix well using your hand or ladle.
  7. Mix the batter well, bring it from top to bottom and bottom to top.Close the box and keep aside for overnight or let it ferment for 8 hours minimum.
  8. Cover and let it for 8 hours and after 8 hours the batter will become double – triple quantity of the batter.Mix well before you make idly.
This is original idly batter recipe soda is not used.But for instant idly batter you can soda , keep the batter for 30 mins and then start making idlies.
Always grind the dal and rice separately. don't add water at a time add little by little.
dal need to soak for min 3 hours.
need to keep the batter closed for min 8 hours.
Store the remaining batter in the fridge and take only required amount while using and keep back the batter in the fridge.
If the idly batter is not fluffy means you have not added the perfect ratio, so pls make sure of the ratio its 4:1
use always the good variety of dal and idly rice, for dal i always prefer udhayam it never fails.
while mixing i prefer to use my hand but if you are very conscious then use a ladle. for good fermentation hand play a role and batter will get fermented very soon.
before making idly mix the batter well and then drop it in the idli pot if you take the idli from top you can't get soft idly because the urad dal batter always in top and rice batter settle in bottom so mix properly every time and use.
Add salt immediately only made the batter, don't delay.
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