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Jack Fruit Seed Pakoda | Easy Indian Appetizer recipes

Indian Appetizers are Methu Vadai,Masal Vadai,Cabbage Vadai,Cauliflower 65,Onion/potato Raw banana baji,Milagai bajji,mysore bonda,potato bonda , cashew pakoda,onion pakoda,thool pakoda.These are the appetizers which we usually makes at home. Jack fruit seed pakoda normally we won’t make at homes but some people heard about it. Last sunday my friend made this when we visited her home,i can’t able to guess initially till she tell the name “jackfruit seed” .The tastes is almost same like cashew pakoda. Got the recipe from her and sharing here. Thanks Dear vidhu for this recipe.
Have u Tried Jackfruit Seed Recipes??? Yup, i usually make jackfruit seed sambar,jackfruit seed poriyal, jack fruit seed stir fry other than that tried cutlet once. This is the first time that am making jackfruit seed pakoda.Do try this at home sure your family members would love it.
Jack Fruit Seed Pakoda | Easy Indian Appetizer recipes
Author : Premalatha Aravindhan Category : South Indian Snacks or Appetiser Recipes, 
Prep time: 3o mins   cooking Time: 25 Mins Cuisine : TamilNadu
Ingredients:Jack Fruit Seed Pakoda

1 cup Baji/Bonda Mix 
1 cup jackfruit seeds,cooked & halved
2 sprig curry leaves
1/4 cup water
Few mint leaves
1/2 tsp fennel seeds
Oil for frying
salt as needed

  • Peel the skin and boil the jackfruit seed til it become soft,make sure that it should be mushy. 
  • If you don’t have baji bonda mix ,you just add gram flour,rice flour and make this. 
Jack Fruit Seed Pakoda
  • In a mixing bowl add baji bonda mix or Gram flour,rice flour,chilly powder,salt.
  • Add in the boiled jackfruit seeds with the mix and then add the curry leaves,mint leaves,fennel seeds,mix well with batter.

  • Heat the oil and then slowly drop the pakoda inside and deep fry it.
  • Turn the other side and fry it,once it become golden brown take out from the kadai.

Jack Fruit Seed Pakoda

Have a Nice Day!!!

Briyani Kathirikai Recipe | How to make brinjal side dish for biryani Recipes

Briyani kathirikai \ kathirikai side dish for briyani recipe
Briyani kathirikai \ kathirikai side dish for briyani recipe is one of the tasty yummy brinjal preparation in muslim marriages.I have tasted this few times while my friend bring this in lunch box in school days.This style is simply superb and you will love it ,even you are not kathirikkai fan. Yes, this is the favourite of brinjal fans like me.
I made today little dry not like gravy because i love this way.If you want to make it like gravy then add little more water while you make.I always love this kathirikai with briyani and also veg chalna. These are yummy combo for briyani.
Briyani Kathirikai Recipe | How to make brinjal side dish for biryani Recipes
Author : Premalatha Aravindhan   Category :  South Indian Side dish | Briyani Side dish Recipes   Prep time: 10 mins  cooking Time: 30 Mins   Cuisine : South Indian
Ingredients:Briyani kathirikai \ kathirikai side dish for briyani recipe
4 Brinjal / Eggplants
2 tbsp oil
1 tsp black pepper corns
1/4 tsp Turmeric powder
1/2 tsp chilly powder
1/3 cup thick tamarind water
1/2 tsp Jaggery
a sprig curry leaves
Salt to taste
Dry Roast:
1 tbsp Peanuts
1/2 tsp sesame seeds
1/3 tsp methi seeds
Briyani kathirikai \ kathirikai side dish for briyani recipe

  • Dry roast the peanut,methi and sesame seeds.Grind it into a powder.
  • Wash and cut the brinjals into thin pieces.Heat oil in the kadai and then add the pepper corns,add brinjal cover and cook well.

Briyani kathirikai \ kathirikai side dish for briyani recipe

  • Once the brinjal cook well in the oil add in the turmeric powder,chilli powder,salt and the grinded powder mix well.
  • Add in the tamarind water and cook well.one brinjal becomes soft and thick,now add in the jaggery and then remove it from the stove.

My Notes:

  • Adjust the spice taste according to your taste buds.
  • I like to add jaggery usually if you dont like you can skip this step also.

Briyani kathirikai \ kathirikai side dish for briyani recipe
Have a nice day!!!

Nellikai Thokku(chutney) Recipe | Gooseberry Pickle Recipe

Nellikai Thokku
Indian gooseberry in English, Nellikai in Tamil is a sour, bitter, astringent and quite fibrous. Gooseberries are one of the best sources of natural vitamin C.Gooseberry Chutney-Nellikai (Amla) Thuvaiyal Recipe-Gooseberry Recipes or pachadi recipe is very famous in Tamilnadu Cusine.Collection of Nellikai recipes from India with recipe with wise images and tips ,you can get in Prema’s Culinary.
how to make nellikai urugai,or cooking nellikai is so simple and easy.This nellikai thokku is not like oorugai/urugai but tastes yum,you can have this with rotis and idly also.Perfect combo is the curd rice.This is one of the easy homemade pickle recipe which can be made instantly.No need keep it in sun for long days and you can make it at any time.
Nellikai Thokku(chutney) Recipe | Gooseberry Pickle Recipe
Author : Premalatha Aravindhan   Category :  condiments | Pickle Recipes   Prep time: 10 mins
cooking Time: 30 Mins   Cuisine : South Indian
Nellikai Thokku
20 medium sized,Gooseberry / Amla / Nellikai
1/2 cup sesame Oil
1 tsp Mustard Seeds
1/3 tsp hing/ Asafoetida
2 tbsp Chilly powder
Salt to taste

nellikai oorugai

  • Clean the nellikai and separate them from seeds.


  • Cook them for 15 mins or till they are cooked and then mash it .

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  • Heat oil in a kadai. Add in mustard, asafoetida and let them sizzle.Add in pureed nellikai and toss well with the oil.Add in chilly powder and mix well with the oil. 
Search results for nellikai oorugai1

  • Add in chilli powder and mix well with the oil.Now add in salt, jaggery and mix well. Keep this cooking till oil separates from the mixture. It will take around 20 to 30 mins .
  • Now switch off the flame and let them cool down.Store in a air tight container in fridge.Serve with rice and curry or curd rice. 
My Notes:
  • Make sure that the containers and spoon you are using should be dry.
  • I didn’t use vinegar in this recipe,if you are going to use the pickle for more than 6 months then add a tbsp of vinegar. If you handle it properly vinegar is not required.
  • Whenever you are taking the pickle for serving just mix it from top to  bottom and then take the required quantity so that more oil will not come to the spoon.

Nellikai Thokku

karuveppilai sadam recipe | How to cook curry leaves rice | Variety Rice Recipes

karuveppilai sadam
 Curry Leaves Rice is a wonderful variety rice and also perfect for lunch or even for lunchbox. Whenever I bought fresh curry leaves and immediately thought to make curry leaves rice.Cooking with curry leaves is amazing and it is so flavourful and good.We usually have lunch with karuveppilai sadam and simple vadam.Before going into the recipe check here how to cook basmati rice to make perfect karruveppilai sadam ,cooking rice is very important

Complete how to cook guide for Bogi,Pongal,Maattupongal

Pongal 2015
'Bogi' , 'Pongal' , 'Maattuppongal' are the three days of Pongal Festival.Makara Sankranti and Lohri of the north, it is also called Pongal Sankranti.Tamizhians refer to Pongal as "Tamizhar Thirunaal" (meaning "the festival of Tamizhians"). Makara Sankranti in turn is referred to in the Surya Siddhanta.Lets Proceed with Procedrue and Preparation of Thai Pongal.

Sakkarai Pongal using Brown Rice | How to cook Sakkarai Pongal

Sakkarai Pongal is the one which we make on Pongal Festival.This pongal recipe tastes delicious like usual sakkarai pongal ,but here the with healthy twist of brown rice pongal i shared today. How to cook brown rice in pressure cooker helps you to make this creamy sakkarai pongal ..sarkkarai pongal,chakkarai pongal recipe, sweet pongal, festival special pongal is the many names that we call Pongal...Please check here the Cooking Recipes of How to cook Brown rice before going to cook rice.You can check sakkarai pongal using white rice recipe here with stepwise pictures.

Easy Narthangai sadam Recipe | Citron Rice Recipe | Variety Rice Recipes

Narthangai Sadam
Narthangai Sadam is the one which tastes almost like lemon rice.If you have left over rice in hand then it is so easy to make.Few weeks before i bought narthangai to make narthangai oorugai(pickle).After i made pickle i have reserved some to make this rice,whoever love the variety rice sure will love this rice too.

Milk (paal) Pongal Recipe | Pongal Recipes

Paal Pongal Recipe
Thai Pongal(தை பொங்கல்) is around the corner.Hope the preparation for Pongal festive started.Pongal will be celebrated at all the south indian home.Actually i clicked this last year during pongal festival.Coming to today's recipe is paal pongal,milk pongal,vellai pongal,white pongal,etc...is the basic Vellai pongal recipe, we make along with sakkaraipongal on the day of Pongal

Simple Mushroom Fried Rice Recipe using Brown Rice | How to cook Brown Rice Perfectly

Mushroom Fried Rice
Mushroom Fried Rice recipe using brown rice is very healthy one and love to share here the Chinese version.I always serve this amazing fried rice recipe with all of my chinese dishes.I have posted Fried rice recipe(Indo Chinese) using basmati rice and the procedure how to cook basmati rice.No special side dish is required to taste this rice.Before proceeding with the recipe ,here is the method of making brown rice.

Elaneer Sweet Pongal Recipe | Pongal Recipes

Elaneer Sweet Pongal Recipe is not like normal pongal.Why don’t we try a different type of pongal for this pongal festival??? Try this elaneer sweet pongal .This is easier to prepare and it is more tastier too.
Tender coconut water (elaneer/nariyal pani) a natural, nutrient rich isotonic drink.Coconut water helps prevent dehydration and also relieves tiredness and fatigue by replenishing the natural salts lost by the body when you sweat.Coconut water is also a good alternative to caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea and colas.
Elaneer Pudding and Elaneer payasam is the one i usually make at home but for festive season i wanna try this,will post the elaneer payasam soon.

Easy Eggless Horlicks Biscuits | How to make Horlicks Biscuits

Horlics Biscuits
Eggless Horlicks Biscuits are classic and delicious,with crisp edges.I just used my eggless sugar cookies recipe to make this biscuits with slight changes in the ingredients.We can make this biscuits with the easily available ingredients in our kitchen.
Actually a pack of Horlicks is there at home for long time,so i have used that to make this biscuits.No one drinks Horlicks at home but a guest bought a pack of horlicks, now this is the good time to use it.Those who

Uppu Narthaangai Oourgai(pickle) Recipe | Easy Pickle Recipes

Uppu Naarthaangai Oorugai

Uppu Narthaangai Oourgai (pickle) is the salted dry pickle which can be preserved more than a years if we handle it properly. Narthaangai(citron) has lot of health benefits and this pickle is very good for vomitting,nousea,etc. Preganant ladies will have this for the first 3 moths to avoid pregnancy nousea.
Even if you feel indigetion after meal ,have it just a small pieces will recover the indigetion immediately.There are many pickle recipes in Prema’s Culinary but this is the one i love to feature for long.
I simply love the aroma of narthangai and this pickle suits well with curd rice even though it is slightly bitter in taste. As narthangai’s skin is thick, it takes 6 to 8 days to get dry and this can be used as a pickle thereafter. No special preservative required for this pickle salt makes this pickle long lasting.


Aval Kesari
Happy New Year To ALL!!! This is my first post of this year,lets start it with a delicious sweet.Aval Kesari is one of the easiest Kesari Recipe that could be prepared for Gokulashtami | Janmashtami and also for Navratri  and it is one of the easy sweets recipe that can me made within less time.I have already posted few kesari recipes like Rava Kesari,Pine apple Kesari and Semiya Rava Kesari .

Dwadasi Paaranai Thaligai | Dwadasi Special Menu

Dwadasi Paarnai Thaligai
Vaikunta Ekadasi  falls on Jan 1st of 2015.On Ekadasi day People observe fast for the whole day(suddha upavasam).People who fast on Ekadasi day will break the viratam on the next day after bathing.That day is

Cabbage Vada(vadai) Recipe Using Urad dal | Indian Appetiser Recipes

Cabbage Vadai
Cabbage Vadai is an easy vadai recipe without onion and garlic.Vade, also known as wada or vade or vadai or bara. Usually we won’t add onion while making vadai for naivedyam.Vadai without onion is really taste good and i made it using cabbage and it taste awesome along with Tomato Chutney and Sambar. Aishu loves methu Vadai a lot than the masal vadai .Whenever am grinding the idly batter i will grind batter for vadai also so i will make vadai almost every week.Urad dal is very good for health,especially for girls.If you want to make Medu vadai without onion do check the recipe here.

Simple Avarakkai (Broad Beans) Poriyal | Poriyal Recipes

Avarakkai Poriyal
Broad beans known as sem in hindi and Avarakkai in Tamil is a very healthy and tasty vegetable.Recipe of Avarakkai curry/poriyal is here.How to cook Avaraikai and how to make Avarakkai poriyal (sem sabzi) is simple and easy recipe.

Best 33 Eggless Baking Recipes 2014 | Eggless Holiday or New Year Baking Recipes

Here are the few Eggless Baking Recipe collections at Prema’s Culinary. Have You Baking for New year or Holiday or Gift ??? Try these Eggless Baking Recipes which gives 100% satisfaction recipes.

24 Best Christmas Recipes | Eggless Baking Recipes for Christmas

Delicious step by step Egg less baking recipes, How to make cake decoration for Christmas...
I am sure this post will gives an complete idea of Christmas menu. Do try these recipes and Enjoy Christmas...Merry Christmas to all my Reader and friends.

Eggless Christmas cake Yule Christmas Cake Steamed Christmas Cake

Eggless Christmas cake

Yule Log Christmas cake

Steamed Christmas cake

Eggless Red Velvet cup cakes with Christmas Tree Frosting Recipe

These Eggless Redvelvette cup cakes or Cakes are fluffy, buttery and moist with beautiful Christmas tree frosting.I have posted some eggless bakes for this Christmas which helps you to get idea what to bake this year.I have used the beetroot(beets) to make this cup cakes which adds natural color to the cup cakes without adding any artificial colors,tastes also very delicious.These red velvet cupcakes are easy to make and it looks very elegant for a Christmas theme party. I hope this post will help you guys to learn how to make Christmas tree cupcakes deco and i have taken the video which i will update it later.Due to lack of

Easy Eggless Sugar Cookies | Sugar Cookies | Christmas Cookies Recipes

Sugar Cookies
Eggless Sugar cookies are a buttery classic and delicious,with crisp edges and vegan royal icing.This is the easy recipe that we don't need to refrigerate the dough for number of hours and it is the basic recipe that we can make it in any shape.
It’s really fun while baking with Aishu,as she is on holiday,never letting me to do anything at home.I have already posted the eggless ginger bread men cookies with vegan royal icing. Here is the recipe for the eggless sugar cookies with vegan royal icing.As usual aishu did this icing.

Easy Eggless Crinkle Cookies | Chocolate Crinkles | Christmas Cookie Recipes

Crinkle Cookies
Eggless Chocolate Crinkles are soft, fudge-like chocolate cookies that are encased in a coating of confectioners sugar.The name "Crinkle" probably refers to how the powdered sugar "crinkles" or "cracks" as the cookies bake.It looks awesome and smells great while baking it.
Never tasted this Crinkle cookies before and this is my first attempt of baking this cookie.Hurray it came out so well and taste is delicious.Before proceeding to the recipe do check here how to melt chocolate by

Best Ever Eggless Tutti Frutti cake Recipe | Easy Christmas Cake Recipes

These eggless tutti frutti cake recipe is an excellent one and am 100% satisfied with the result. This is apt for Christmas party and i have used my eggless tutti frutti muffin recipe to make this cake.I planned to post some of the easy recipe of eggless cakes and bakes with video.This recipe is very simple one and it gives you 100% good result. You can check here for Christmas cake recipes with egg and also without egg here.

Best Ever Eggless Tutti Frutti Muffins | Easy Christmas cake recipes

Eggless Tutti Frutti Muffins
These eggless tutti frutti muffin recipe is an excellent one and am 100% satisfied with the result. This is apt for Christmas party and i have made it for aishu’s class chrismas party.I planned to post some of the easy recipe of eggless cakes and bakes with video.This recipe is very simple one and it gives you 100% good result. You can check here for Christmas cake recipes with egg and also without egg here.